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Chinnook (King) & Coho Salmon

Chinook Salmon (King Salmon) Are the largest of the salmon Species,Blue-green in colour on the back with black spots on the uper half of there bodies and majority of there tails, with the attraction to fishermen as being the hardest fighting fish you will ever experience of the sport caught Salmon of the north west pacific, With a rich fatty dense meat that has a very full fish flavour with a hint of sweetness.

Coho Salmon ( Silver Salmon) Are a favourite among fishermen and are spectacular fighters and the most acrobatic with dark metallic blue backs and silver sides and bellies. Mild in flavour is a firm dark reddish-orange colour and favourite on the bbq.

LinG Cod

Ling Cod are a brown mottled in colour typically they found on the bottom occupying rocky areas , Ling cod is a favourite table fare with white flaky meat that is lean firm and has a mild flavour. Ling cod are highly predatory fish with a enormous appetite, A large mouth filled with very sharp teeth and can grow to sizes of 60 lbs. 


Halibut a flat fish that lives deep on the bottom of mostly gravely areas and is known for there hard fight from the bottom. Halibut can grow to a sizes over 200 lbs and 7 feet. One of the most tasty fish to bring home for table fare. with dense firm white flaky meat that is extremely lean and mild and sweet in flavour.